A will is even more important now

In these uncertain and worrying times, it is particularly important to ensure that you have a Will – and, if you have one, that it is up to date and reflects your wishes.

Without a Will, your estate will be administered under the rules of intestacy and may pass to those who you would not wish to benefit. That is especially so where you have split up from a former partner, are in a relationship with someone to whom you are not married or where there are complicated family relationships.  Many clients find that ensuring that their estate passes to the right people puts their minds at ease, especially if it avoids some issues which might otherwise arise including :-

An existing Will continues to have effect after a breakdown in a relationship and even after a divorce.

  • If there is a remarriage but no new Will, the intestacy rules apply. These provide that your new spouse would receive up to the first £270,000 of your estate and your personal possessions, along with half of the residuary estate. When they die, the inheritance they received from you could pass to their family not your children. This potentially means that part of your estate could fall into a different bloodline.
  • You may wish to include a legacy, thus ensuring that a particularly loved family heirloom or a specific cash sum goes to eg a grandchild or to a neighbour who has been particularly helpful.
  • A Will can also protect your children from a previous marriage by ensuring that any share of property that you may co-own will eventually pass to them whilst still allowing the co-owner to live there.

Inheritance tax rules have changed over recent years and if your Will was written some time ago, your arrangements may not be as beneficial as they could be for your descendants.

However, it is important to remember that each situation is different so legal advice should always be sought when drafting a Will or dealing with the estate of someone who has died.

Here at Jackamans, we do offer face-to-face meetings by appointment with clients at each one of our offices.  You would be entering a COVID-safe environment where the necessary precautions are taken very seriously.  We also offer home visits – under certain circumstances – again ensuring that extra precautions are taken.

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