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Whilst we always try to avoid litigation if possible, as it is always costly, and time-consuming, sometimes it is inevitable. Thus we work closely with the litigation team at Jackamans to cover all manner of disputes relating to Commercial Property, Commercial Agreements, Business Law, Mergers Acquisitions and Disposals, and Employment Law. By working together, we provide our clients with a combined knowledge of the commercial/corporate nature of the dispute coupled with the best pre-litigation tactics and guidance though the litigation process.

If we can, we will embark upon out of court mediation to try and resolve issues without the court process.




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Our Approach

Your Jackamans’ lawyer will advise you on the best strategy to resolve your dispute.  Some disputes can be resolved with skilful mediation, while others may have to end with court action.  But throughout the process, your lawyer will work for the best outcome for you, whilst keeping you informed of developments and any costs to be incurred along the way.


  • Commercial and contract disputes
  • Commercial property disputes
  • Leasehold disputes
  • Negligence and nuisance claims
  • Building and construction
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Intellectual property
  • Injunctions
  • Debt recovery


What are the methods of Dispute Resolution?

At a basic level, a dispute may be resolved simply by the parties communicating. That may allow misunderstandings to be identified and addressed before positions harden. We can work with you to analyse what has gone wrong and suggest ways forward, possibly involving some “give and take” to allow existing relationships to be retained and costs kept to a minimum.

If the dispute continues, we will advise you on practical and cost effective  “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (ADR) options in order to avoid the courtroom. We have significant experience in using the Mediation process in particular to help clients resolve disputes in a way which is acceptable with minimum anguish, delay and costs.

What we view is the last, but sometimes necessary, resort is to get involved in the Court process. However, not all cases need to go through to a formal Trial. We shall guide you through the process to ensure that, at each stage, you make properly informed decisions based on the law, your best interests and the relevant cost implications. As a result, we aim to achieve an outcome which keeps the matter away from a courtroom wherever possible.

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