Executor Guide

If you are not a sole executor and there are other executors appointed, you will need to consult with the other named individuals.  You will need to agree whether you are going to deal with all aspects of the administration and distribution of the estate yourselves or whether you are going to instruct Jackamans, or another law firm, to assist you and make the application for Probate.

First Steps

The first priority should be registration of death and the funeral arrangements.  There may in fact be other persons in the family who have agreed to do this.

If you decide to instruct this Firm to assist you, please do not rush to register the death with the bank, building society or other financial institution.  You should alternatively make an appointment to meet with us and we can agree what you will do and what it would be best to leave us to do.

We offer a very flexible service, so various aspects of the administration can be dealt with by you and other matters by us.  We will give you an estimate of our costs once we have agreed what should be done.

We do not give copies of the Will or any details of the estate to any beneficiary, until it has been agreed with you first.


Funeral invoices are a liability of the estate.  Quite often this can be paid out of the Testator’s bank account before Probate is obtained.  Any invoices for a funeral lunch, however, are not a liability of the estate and is the liability of the person arranging it.  Any invoice relating to a funeral lunch can only be paid out of the estate if all beneficiaries agree and once Probate has been obtained and monies collected in.

What you can be doing now

If there is a house and it is now unoccupied, the building’s insurance must be checked and the insurance company notified in writing without delay.

If there are valuables in the house which are easily transportable, some consideration should be given to moving them into your safe custody.  This Firm cannot undertake to do this.

If you would like to instruct this Firm to help you obtain Probate and to provide a further explanation of the relevant procedures, please contact your local branch and a suitable appointment will be arranged for you.

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