The importance of a good conveyancing solicitor

For almost all of us, the purchase of a house is the biggest financial commitment that we make. However, in many cases purchasers are willing to entrust the necessary legal work to organisations they do not know – or have even never heard of – simply to save a few pounds.

The conveyancing process involves a number of technical steps which clients may never know about because the solicitors are able to deal with them efficiently. However, to do this requires experience and expertise. Additionally, there are practical issues which often arise which cause potential difficulties but can usually be resolved by solicitors speaking to one another and applying some common sense. This all contributes to an experience which is amongst the most stressful regularly encountered.

What you need to know is that not all solicitors are the same. Whilst it might be superficially attractive to look for the cheapest quote, it can be a false economy. Firstly, you should ask friends and relatives to comment on their experiences with solicitors and only approach those who are recommended to you. Secondly, you need to ensure that the quote given to you by a solicitor includes all items and that you will not be asked to pay for “extras” at the end of the matter. This will enable you to compare like for like.

Any transaction can hit difficulties. If that happens to you, you may think it more important to have confidence that your solicitor is able to work with all the parties involved to address and resolve these as soon as possible, Rather than perhaps saving a small sum in legal costs at the outset, only to incur inconvenience, worry and additional expense further along the line.

You would never write out and send off a cheque for thousands, let alone hundreds of thousands, to someone who just rings you up and asks you to do so. For the same reason, you should not instruct a solicitor to handle a transaction involving similar sums simply because they have a professionally designed website or quote an apparently attractive price. Find out who you are to deal with and be confident they can deliver for you.

All our conveyancers at Jackamans are experienced and skilled. Their prime concern is to ensure each and every client receives a quality and professional service and that any transaction goes through as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If problems arise, they will work hard to resolve these. But please do not take our word for it. You can speak to clients who have used us previously and who can assure you of our professionalism and responsiveness.  The quality of our service is also known to local estate agents, many of whom recommend purchasers to us. We are also happy to meet with you to discuss matters informally before you make a decision as to which solicitor to use. If you choose to use us, we are confident that you will then recommend us to others.

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