“Tis the season to be jolly!”

As you may already be aware, Jackamans Solicitors have been welcoming clients back into the office.  We are of course continuing with our ‘Covid-safe’ safety measures.  Naturally, we do understand that some of our clients may not feel comfortable coming into the office quite yet and so we are well adapted to cater for those that prefer to communicate from the comfort of their own home.

As 2021 draws to a close, Covid is still very prevalent and has made many of us think about whether our affairs are in order, e.g. do I have a Will in place? and should I now think about setting Powers of Attorney up….just in case.  If we all had that ‘crystal ball’ life would be much easier to plan.

If you already have a Will, we would recommend this is reviewed at least every 5 years, but any change to your finances or family circumstances should prompt you to review your Will sooner.

Even if you are not a homeowner you may still need to make a Will, which should cover all of your assets. You may have young children and wish to appoint guardians, or you may have family heirlooms which you wish to pass on to a specific person.  It is not always the financial assets that need to be considered when making a Will, but also sentimental assets.

You may also wish to consider the future care of any pets you may have, not only the person who will look after your pet if something happened to you, but also whether that person could afford the upkeep (which may include expensive vet bills).

So, now may be the time to give your Will a festive overhaul!

You may have heard about Powers of Attorney, if you (or a friend/neighbour) has had a relative that has needed to go into care, or it may be that you know someone who has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and you will therefore know the importance of having these documents in place.  If mental capacity has diminished, then it will be too late to make Powers of Attorney and instead, a lengthy and more costly Court application is needed.

Our Private Client team at Jackamans will be happy to discuss Wills or Powers of Attorney so if you would like some further information or wish to get advice on any other legal aspect please contact us.



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